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Emma, Little Grey Mouse

I am a textile artist creating botanical fabric and fiber flower decorations and garlands for your home, gifts or special occasion. I'm inspired by the Devonshire countryside that surrounds me, the changing of the seasons, and antique botanical illustrations.

My love of textiles and craft started 2 generations ago.

My Grandmother lived in London in the 1930's and knitted for Harrods, then went on to design knitting and crochet patterns. 

My Mother took to the folk arts in the 1970's and my early childhood was a heady mix of folk music and hand embroidery. (Yes I do believe my Mother embroidered my underwear at one point... Well it was the 70's!)

Inspiration took hold of me when I was a fine art student and I was given an old 1920's hand cranked Jones Sewing Machine. This beast was slow, but boy could it sew!

So, self taught, I launched myself into designing handmade vintage reproduction clothing, selling in a bricks and mortar shop as well as online...

...then along came my daughter! So I replaced the sewing machine for a crochet hook and an obsession with yarn. And recalling my Grandmother's knitting and crochet lessons when I was 7 years old, I started Little Grey Mouse. Earlier this year I dusted off my sewing machine, and started to create free motion embroidered botanical flower studies, which I will be showcasing at exhibitions and artisan fairs.

I am ever evolving my designs and products to see where it will take me. And now that my daughter is 5 I am filling her childhood with a heady mix of folk music and crafts. ( I haven't embroidered her underwear...yet...!)

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